The Winning Award Show System

Win Smart with Adbeast

Our Award Show Management platform handles all of your needs. Easy set up, online entry submissions, judging tools and secure payment gateways.

Great advertising is the lifeblood of the advertising industry, that is why adbeast has always been committed to supporting award programs that recognize and celebrate creativity. With over nine years experience providing systems to some of the industrys top shows.

Our Award Show Management System can handle every aspect of an award show from online entry submission and payment to final judging and the winners showcase web site. Modular and easily customizable, it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing set up. And it is simple and easy to use for entrants, administrators and judges alike.

Fully hosted on our redundant server and Internet network, we can accommodate just about any show format and entry types from traditional broadcast and print to multimedia, interactive and detailed case studies. From less than a hundred to thousands of entries.

We also understand the economics, logistics and sheer hard work and attention to detail needed to manage a successful award show . Our experienced Award Show Team is here to advise you through every stage of your show. Trouble shooting the last minute entry rush, checking and formatting entries and organizing material for judging.

Its your show - We are here to help.

With nearly a decade of providing systems and support to some of the top industry shows we have the technology and resources to help you with all aspects of your show. Our goal is to make it a great experience for everyone involved; entrants, award show staff and judges, and allow the best work to win.

Our fee structure is simple and transparent, typically based on an initial set up fee and a system license fee per entry that includes 24/7 technical support, formatting and checking all entry material, plus full administration support and training.

We can also provide email marketing services to help promote the show, online ticket purchasing for the actual show event, as well as producing and hosting the show winners site.

Just ask us how we can help make your next show a winner.


Our Online Entry System module allows entrants to quickly register and submit entries in their own time, including uploading any digital files. To speed and help ensure complete and accurate submissions, entry information and digital files can be cloned from entry to entry plus running totals of fees due and paid are tracked.
Configured for the specific requirements of each show, administrators can instantly track registrations, entries in progress, and review submissions. Online payments are fully integrated so detailed financial reports and revenue forecasts are available at a glance.
Our Judging system combines the entered work for judging with a sophisticated real time voting and scoring system that can accommodate multiple judging rounds and customized judging criteria. It also allows for a combination of online and on site judging so earlier rounds can be managed online and then the finalists judged in person. This can provide considerable time and cost savings while improving the quality and fairness of the overall judging process.