Media Asset Management

Work Smart with Adbeast

The adbeast Studio is fully web based application that lets advertising industry professionals present, manage and share work online - quickly, easily and securely.

Present Reels - Live Demo

Invite your clients to review and approve work in progress. Present creative recommendations, showcase new creative including video or print, screen rough cuts, and collaborate with other team members. Enjoy full playback control, full screen, zoom in, zoom out, and even display credit information. No training is needed or complicated set up required.

Manage Projects - Live Demo

Log in to your branded and custom-configured studio directly from your website. Search your archives, build a show reel, create a portfolio of images and print ads, review your projects, and organize all the material needed for an important presentation. Manage creative development, approvals and more confidentially, almost any time, anywhere.

Share and Collaborate

adbeast lets you collaborate with partners and suppliers, update clients, and notify team members. It also tells you who is looking at your work. You can email branded, customized reels or print portfolios to anyone, no special software or hardware required. Uploading your work is as simple as drag and drop. Say goodbye to couriers, lost DVDs, bounced emails and broken FTP sites.


Organize, archive and deliver high resolution video or print media securely from the cloud. Forget external hard drives, company file servers and non-secure file sharing services. With adbeast studio, your content is always protected, searchable and backed up.

Studio Tools

Search and review all your past work when you need it.
Edit and present your custom show reels in seconds.
Create and share custom print portfolios.
Review and approve multimedia work projects securely and confidentially.
Email out access to any of your reels or portfolios then track viewing.